Walking Is a Miracle!

Before leaving in our rental car for the 10 days remaining of our planned road trip around Germany, I wanted to share the great news. Last night I tested weight on my bum foot with crutches. OK:) So let's try without crutches... YES!! No pain at all... just stiff. Of course, the very last thing I want to test is side-to-side ankle tilt. In fact until I recover, I plan to watch where I put every step to avoid ankle tilt & hope I see some of Europe besides my 2 feet & cobbled streets!!

But Greg is so relieved that I'm now able to get up/down from a sit & even wash dishes (I don't want to recover too soon, as I rather enjoyed a break from that stuff!)

When Greg returns to Laurie's apt with our rental car, we are off on another adventure... unfortunately with Greg driving & me navigating-- so you who know us well understand immediately that (mis)adventures are likely since these tasks should be flipped. I bought a Garmin Nuvi 360 w/o telling Greg & brought it to Europe to help with my navigating skills. HAHA! I hope Greg thinks this expensive electronic toy is as cool as I do:)

Ok, he's baaccckkk with our rental now & we're off........... So please keep fingers crossed for continued good news with the dumb foot & hopes that my brain cell eventually wakes up to keep me out of trouble!

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Anonymous said...

What an adventure! I am so glad all worked well.

We are off on our 3 week trip to retrieve Todd from Albany, NY with stops in Atlanta (we are here now), Washington DC, New York, and Boston. Looking forward to your next blog.