Back to Munich for 1 Last Hug

.. and some final goofiness.

After many wonderful experiences in France with my new sister & my old sister (It's fun to say "old":), I successfully toted all my baggage & 1 crutch back to Munich & Hotel Savoy for my last 6 days in Europe with our little Clan. And it was no surprise that Laurie had lots of fun planned.

My favorites include having the gremlins all to myself for an overnight at Laurie's so she could take Eric to Nuremberg for a Formula One race. (Honestly, what's the big deal about cars?) So Grannie walked Miles & Vivi to English Gardens for some fun.

It's an incredibly beautiful & large park nearby with beer gardens, paths, and gardens. We made a new 6-year-old local friend, Leon, who thought my German was pretty funny. In fact, rolling-in-the-sand funny. We ate a picnic lunch, played on all the swings, enjoyed ice cream at a beer garden, got lost walking home, then got found again. NO SWEAT! I exhausted everyone so well that the gremlins slept for 2 hours, & I could finally answer some emails. A great day:)

When Laurie & Eric returned from their big treat, she suggested we take Mike's Bike Tour through the lesser known sites around Munich. In fact, Munich must be the bike capital of the world. I've seen well-dressed business women going to/from work in suits & HIGH-HEEL SHOES on their bike, with cell phone (OR sometimes open umbrella) in 1 hand! Munich's street system includes bike paths everywhere. I even saw a businessman in a suit zipping across lanes of cars in a large intersection on a unicycle!! But I digress...

So, of course, I quickly agreed to the bike tour. Though I hadn't been on a bike in about 25 years, I couldn't wait to test my left ankle since it was doing so well. Besides, I wanted to prove to myself that "I still had it" -- whatever that means.

Laurie & the 2 kids rode Laurie's custom-modified bike shipped to Munich all the way from Seattle. It's her primary transport during the day, since Eric needs their Munich car for work. AND it's very coooollll-- extra-long body with seats for the 2 kids & a great set of gears. Everyone in this bike town takes notice as this 3some whizzes by.

My bike choice at Mike's was probably not cool at all, but it had 2 hand-brakes, high handlebars, & 2 wheels. Let's call her Emma. So I was happy with Emma... EXCEPT when we had to go up the slightest incline. There were no gears on any Mike's bikes. Why was Emma the only bike that couldn't manage inclines?! I had to walk Emma up a few.

Our guide was funny, the tour was well-paced, Munich drivers were patient saints around bikers, & my ankle & I proved we've still got "it."
We even rode to THE surfing spot in English Gardens. Can you believe he was riding a big wave in a stream (Yes, a stream!) ripping through English Gardens. A great day!

Another highlight of my last days in Munich was a guided tour in English of the BMW factory with Eric. I'm amazed at how interesting it was. Not the car stuff (which Eric loved), but the robotics that put all the pieces together. Incredible that all the customizations for specific buyers get programmed into various lines of production & all (hopefully) come together at the proper time for 1 car. VERY IMPRESSIVE!! We couldn't photograph this Miracle of Robotic Assembly, but this building is a piece of art as well.

This tour must be booked weeks in advance, else you must hope to get lucky when you phone to find a cancellation! Click here to see a great video of a VW assembly in Dresden, Germany, which is why I wanted to see the BMW factory. Besides, it was close. (Remember, I don't care at all about cars, so you KNOW this must be 1 big-time video!)

It was tough saying goodbye to my little family. Very tough. But they'll return to God's Country in early August. As I left Laurie's apt, I also kissed my 2 crutches, tied a "FREE" note to them, & left them near the exit to the building. I hope they find a good home.

When I reached home 29 hours later, I don't know what made me happier... hugging my husband (home since I left for France) OR seeing my house spotlessly clean as I left it 6 weeks earlier. Thank you to Greg for his tidiness!!! I am riding a wave of high-energy since the trip, working hard each day to remain productive. I hope it lasts!

It's been a great ride these last 6 weeks. Thanks for tagging along:)

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