Flying with Fingers Crossed

Always tight with a dollar, we quickly booked Cheryl a free ticket on an American/British Air's Seattle ==> New York ==> London ==> Munich flight. But Greg didn't want to spend the ridiculous price to accompany me on AA. So he booked Air Canada's Seattle==> Montreal ==> Munich flight. Luckily our flights left Seattle within 15 minutes of each other. In Munich Greg's Air Canada would arrive 1 hour before my British Air... Not bad!!

Then I spent 2 sleepless nights worrying about how we'd meet up in the large, unknown Munich airport! We had no phones to call each other. What if 1 of us would be delayed? Even an overnight delay? How would we contact each other?

The Main Info Desk in the Munich airport agreed to be our message center. Burger King became our meet-up place. I got Greg to agree that any change in plans or any problems would positively result in a message at the Info Desk. With that in place I could finally go to sleep:)

The flights & meet-up worked like a charm. No luggage lost. No delayed flights. No screaming babies. I even enjoyed a funny movie & some reruns of Old Christine playing on a mini-screen on the back of my neighbor's chair. The happy reunion at Burger King was an auspicious start to our adventure, plus everyone working at the airport was helpful and spoke pretty good English.

My next challenge -- how/where to get Euros & buy local bus/tram tickets -- was also easily accomplished right in the airport, thanks again to the gals at the Main Info Desk.

So armed with Laurie's emailed bus directions & our luggage on wheels, we somehow managed to bus our way to Laurie & Eric's apt -- not too worse for wear! Truly amazing for a couple of geezers. How wonderful to collapse into their bed after 27 hours of awake time. Thank you to our little clan for lending us their apt for 2 nights while they travel in Italy!

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