Munich to Prague- Can Our Luck Hold?

After 2 good nights of rest in Laurie's apt, we rose very early to repack our stuff into smaller suitcases for 3 nights in beautiful Prague. It was great to leave the heavy loads at the apt! So the bus trip to Hauptbahnhof train station was a snap. We were 45 min. early for the direct train to Prague... master plan was working beautifully. I got in line to have my RailEurope 8-trip pass stamped for trip #1, the official stamped my pass, & asked for my passport. OMG!! It was in the stuff I left at Laurie's apt. I was an idiot & Greg was an amazingly good sport! So we drag our suitcases (which are now feeling heavier) back to the bus for another 25 min trip through town, raced to get the passport, caught the return bus to the station, stood in line to see the same official with passport in hand. But too bad... the direct train left 10 min. ago. The next train to Prague? 3-1/2 hours later, with a change-train in Schwandof. UGH! Rather than spend that time trying to find a comfortable seat in Hauptbahnhof station, we hauled our luggage (how did it get so heavy!!?) back on the bus & fell in the bed for a 1 hour nap. Then back to the station on the bus for our train.

Hallelujah!! The train arrived, we had our tickets, our money, our passports, our luggage, our snacks. We hauled our weary bodies into vacant seats -- looking forward to Prague!

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